Colortek is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Liquid Colorants for application in Plastic Industry. Easy to apply, these colorants are highly appreciated for their wide application and many advantages they offer.

Customers can select from the range of Liquid Color Master Batch available from us. These Liquid Color Master Batch are manufactured using the best ingredients procured from reliable vendors. They are formulated using latest technology and controlled process under the supervision of trained personnel. We also provide customized formulation of these products with built-in compatibility for different polymers. These Liquid Colorants are available in different colors and shades. We have a range of Base Colors, which we use to develop any kind of color required by Customer.


  • Easy to apply
  • Accurate composition
  • Longer shelf life
  • Uniform fine particles of pigments (below 5 microns).
  • Accurate repetition of colors from one runs to another.
  • Water miscible
  • Faster & accurate color matching for any polymer can be supplied from few grams of trial runs to 500 kgs per batch.
  • Long term storage capabilities.
  • Nonvolatile, non-flammable & non – toxic.


  • The usage norms of Colortek products vary between 0.1 to 2.0 % but generally it is 0.5 to 1.0 %. Direct costs saving of 10-25 % are possible because of this lower usage norm than polymer base master batches.
  • There are many other indirect cost saving. Some of them are as follows:
  1. With the metering unit, preblending or tumble –mixing can be eliminated.
  2. Multi-handling of the polymer is reduced resulting in less wastage of expensive materials.
  3. Overall cleanliness of operation requires less housekeeping efforts.
  4. Lesser inventories as there is no need to stock multiplicity of master-batches or Concentrates.
  5. Increased output per unit time by improved production cycle.
  6. Color use is minimized with less polymer wastage & lower scarp rates.